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Screw-cutting lathe MCM (D55/h), MCM (D55/500/h) increased accuracy

Offer type: salePublished: 06.06.2015
Company:OOO "STANKIN" (Kievskij stankostroitel'nyij zavod)
Seller:Vyacheslav Vital'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Machines model MCM (D55/h), MCM (D55/500/h) are designed to perform a variety of turning operations: grinding and boring of cylindrical and conical surfaces, cutting internal and external metric, inch, module and pitch threads, as well as drilling, reaming, reaming,etc.


The largest diameter of the workpiece, mounted over bed 500 mm

The largest diameter of the workpiece
over bed 500 mm
over cross slide 290 mm
above the recess in the frame (only for models with the letter D) 710 mm

The maximum length of the workpiece
MM 1000 mm
MC, MCG 1500 mm

The diameter of the cylindrical hole in the spindle 55 mm

Number of spindle speeds
direct rotation 22
reverse rotation 9

The range of rotation of the spindle 16...2000 min-1

The number of feeds caliper
longitudinal 24
cross 24

The highest elevation of the cutter 25 mm

Limits of working feeds of the caliper
longitudinal 0,050...2.8 mm/Rev
cross 0,025...1.4 mm/Rev

The limits of steps cut into threads
metric 0,5...112 mm
modular 0,5...112 modules
inch 56...0,5 thread 1"
pitch 56...0,5 pitches

Rapid motion speed of the caliper
longitudinal 3.8 m/min
cross 1...9 m/min

Maximum torque of 1 kN*m
Power of main motion drive 11 kW
Total power 12.5 kW

Overall dimensions of the machine
length MM 2800 mm
MK(G) 3367 mm
width 1265 mm
height 1485 mm

MC 3100 kg
MC, MCG 3400 kg