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The valve VE, VE, VEH, jmv-10, PX 6, RE.3, R, D 10.3

Offer type: salePublished: 26.11.2019
Company:Firma Kontragent
Seller:Kryuch Sergej
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine

The control valve WE, WE, WEH, JMV-10, PX 6, RE.3, R, D 6.3

New valves series we.64, we.64.g, ve.44 g-nm, we.44 g-nm Ulyanovsk, the control valve ve 10.44, dispenser ve, the control valve vmy 6, the control valve milestones 16, ve.10.34, production VE 24 H110 NM NF4, VA.574 Ukraine, WE 574 OF G, WE A OF H110, WE 573 OF B220, AMM-10.44 f, the control Valve spool brands RE, VE for forklift R6-UPS-6, VI; WM; WM; voltage VH supplied to the solenoid 12; 24; 36; 100; 220V, Valves with electromagnetic management 6.3 RE e, WE.573, VA.E, VE.574, VA.A, WE.E, VE.64, VA.44, VI.34, VI.24, WE.14, R, R, R, R, WM.F, VMM.F, WM.F, WM.F, WM.14 F, the Valves rn, rn DN=20mm and D=32mm, manual Pumps type NPG-M1(NPG), RNFM, RPM, 1 PH 203-FM 34, PH 203 44 PV, PH 203 MF 14, 1 PH 203-V. 44, 1 PH 203-PV.44, 1 PH 203-64, 1 PH 203-PV.64, PH 202-MF.574, 1 PH 203-PV.574, 1 PH 203-PV.A, 1 PH 203-FC.574 A, rnv – More info and pictures on our website:

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Pump perekatnoy manual type NPG-MM is designed for individual pumping lubricating oil from the reservoir to the pump directly to the refueling area and in hard to reach places refueling, with a kinematic viscosity of lubricating oils from 25 to 750 cSt, filtered from particles larger than 0.25 mm.