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Stand for electronic testing and adjustment M-A

Offer type: salePublished: 22.08.2018
Seller:Netunaev Andrej
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Address:Berezovskiy, Russian Federation, Sverdlovskaya Oblast'
Pressure at the beginning of injection and the quality of fuel atomization, the tightness of the shut-off cone (on the appearance of a drop of fuel on the nose spray), leakage at shut-off cone and guide the cylindrical part (time pressure.The pressure measurement stand is made of high-precision pressure sensor and displayed on the display of the electronic unit. Pressure at the beginning of the injection nozzle is fixed on the display of the electronic unit, the indication value of the pressure is maintained until reset on the remote electronic unit. When checking tightness and leakage is pressure setting on the electronic unit and the time the pressure drop in accordance with the published data of the nozzle. When the set time is reached, an audible signal, followed by automatic countdown after which the unit records the value of the residual pressure, which remains fixed on the display electronic unit..the Range of the reproduced pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) 0...40 (0...400) fuel Supply, mm3 /cycle, not less than 1200.The power electronic unit 5.Current consumption, constant, And 0.5 Voltage power supply, 220.The price of the stand:39 000 rubles