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Machine M, R, RS, R, 2A554, A, scissors NA, press CD, sheet bending machine and other

Offer type: salePublished: 29.06.2014
Seller:Proshkin Valerij Anatol'evich
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Address:Russian Federation, Nizhegorodskaya Oblast', Nizhny Novgorod
Selling machines:
Turning M RMC=2,8 t. R., M F RMC=1,5 70s, C. (Tbilisi) t.R., K, KD, TS from 140 tons.R., TS (al) 100T.R.
Milling R 200T.R., RS power of 220 tons.R., R 150t.R., FSS-400 (Heckert similar T table h) 250 and t.R., T f power of 220 tons.R.
Radial drilling 2A554 (OS) 250t.R., L (l) t.R., K-1 t.R.
Vertical drilling N 100T.R., S, N from 85 t heavy.R., N 45T.R. (without the fur. feed).
Surface grinding A OF 200T.R.
Hobbing AN 300T.R.
Slotting A 180 t.R.
Scissors crank mechanical NA 12,h 300T.R., N (mech.) 6,h t.R., N (mech.) H 140 tons.R.
The hydraulic guillotine (France) h 500 tons.R.
Press the crank mechanical. CD 100T.with. T.R., KD us.T.with. T.R., KD us. 40t.with. 180 t.R.
Press brake (bending machine) PKXA (similar I) h t.R.
Combined scissors NB-5224 (NV) t.R., NW t.R., S 50t.R.
The mounting plate (longitudinal grooves) h 100T.R.
Plate calibration h t.R., 1000x1500 t.R.
Hydraulic press P t.R., ACS-1671 (R) 40t.with. 60t.R.
Threading Navy-2A ed. 60t.R. and other warehouse in N. Novgorod.