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Aquarium Spanish tritons! Delivery in Kiev!

Offer type: salePublished: 28.06.2014
Seller:Zelenov Artem
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast'
Sale aquarium Spanish tritons! Delivery to any place in Kiev! The cost of 1 Triton 65 UAH.
Spanish Triton belongs to the family of these newts (Salamandridae).
In terms of content this kind of newts very unpretentious. They carry a wide range of temperature fluctuations from 15 to 27 degrees. The optimal temperature of 20 degrees. All the time newts spend in the water, so special Islands for a landfall they are not required. The presence of soil on the bottom of the aquarium is not obligatory, but optional, you can use the granite aggregate. As a landscaping will fit any aquarium plants. Newts love to hide, so you can put in the aquarium house or something else, where they could hide from prying eyes.
Quite often newts shed. Shedding they need, because their skin plays a huge role in the breathing process. The skin of amphibians is permeated with a thin capillaries, the blood which is enriched with oxygen directly from water, that is, they "breathe skin". This allows you once again not to resurface for air. Therefore, as contamination of the skin, newts her shed.
Food Spanish newts too unpretentious. They appetite can eat the living and the dead bloodworms, earthworms, flies. But the most convenient food, in my experience, is a piece of fresh not greasy meat or chicken, not fatty fish, corresponding to the size of the mouth of the animal. Food was thrown directly into the water, where they find it by smell. If the tritons first time it is difficult to find food, try to feed them using tweezers, hold the meat to his mouth.
Fortunately, if you only suffer the extremity of another animal, instead of lost, over time it may grow new tritons have the amazing ability to regenerate.
Spanish newts domesticated, they get used to the owner who feeds them. Can lift his head up, seeing bent over the aquarium of the person, or to ascend from the bottom to the surface, as if welcoming you. Tritons are quite slow and very often still hang in the tank in a vertical position. And being excited, they are able to produce sounds resembling the croaking of frogs.