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HONEYWELL CHS 071 AE - climate in the nursery

Offer type: salePublished: 27.06.2014
Seller:Kolontsov Vladimir
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Address:Russian Federation, Samarskaya Oblast', Samara
The air conditioner Honeywell CHS 071 AE is the best washing air for children's rooms. The combination of natural processes: air humidification airflow space, easy cooling, always creates freshness in the room and comfort of the people. Poured 7 liters of plain cold water and turned into a power outlet! the unit is compact, energy efficient (50 watts), All the air is blown up to 300 cubic meters per hour, the water passing through the wall (a specialized cell filter cell filled with living water. The function of heating with humidification significantly adds value to the device when used year-round. No filters and components are not required to purchase, any bends in the window! The climate control system is controlled by an ergonomic remote control and timer.Shipping