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Plate bending rolls h and h mm

Offer type: salePublished: 26.06.2014
Seller:Vasil'ev Oleg Vladimirovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Yaroslavskaya Oblast', Yaroslavl
The company sells used equipment:
1.SKMZ-40/3500 - bending machine (drums) four-roll b, 1964 issue. Thickness of the sheet is 40 mm, the width of the processed sheet - 3500 mm, the minimum diameter of the shell - 1500 mm Working condition;
2.STROJAREN PIESOK XZM-6000/16 - bending machine (drums) three-roller b, 1954 issue. The thickness of the processed sheet - 16 mm, the width of the processed sheet - 6000 mm Working condition.
For more information and pictures on request and on the website TITANTRON.RU
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