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The Vibro-Dandong-Appeared.

Offer type: salePublished: 26.06.2014
Seller:Fedorov Aleksandr
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Address:Russian Federation
We suggest you to consider ancillary equipment for excavators weighing 20-50 tone used for immersion/extraction ground steel/concrete pipes, piles, beams, I-beams, etc.:
Vibrators production South Africa. Korea is perfectly adapted to the operating conditions of the middle band and the far North. The superiority of these vibrators are as follows:
the best working ability and high efficiency on all existing analogues;
the high efficiency design of the working surface;
free rotate 360° and tilt 90° (T);
easy and accurate control of the system of rotation;
minimal noise from vibration;
easy control with a joystick;
adjustment of the flow;
high maintainability;
connects directly to the hydraulic and electrical systems of the excavator. There is no need to purchase additional power sources;
high performance combined with the advantages of mobility excavator: operation under high-voltage transmission lines, bridges and settlements, and cities;
extended service life through the use of special bearings designed for high frequencies;
Assembly and disassembly can be done easily at any time;
the upper part of the vibro rotates 360 degrees, which provides an additional advantage when operating advantage when operating;
double clamping devices can be installed for trenchless installation and extraction pipe(option);
significantly reduced the costs for equipment and labor.
We offer vibrators DPD for installation on a backhoe or crane (with a separate power unit). We will pick the vibro for your equipment and specific work. Delivery, installation, operator training, maintenance, manufacturer's warranty - 1 year. We guarantee You the best offer.