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These FEA about importing and exporting goods. The customs database. Competitive intelligence.

Offer type: salePublished: 24.06.2014
Seller:BD Dmitrij
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
“SAMPLING” from the customs database from 2014 to 1997 inclusive.
We provide accurate and reliable sampling from the customs database by HS codes in MS Excel format. Continuously lead the rapid collection and analysis of regularly updated statistics foreign trade enterprises for import and export. We also offer attractive conditions for long-term cooperation.
# The cost of sampling from the customs database for the period 2014-2011:
Data for one year on 1 HS code - 1000 rubles
# The cost of sampling from the customs database for the period 2010 -1997 years:
Data for one year on 1 HS code - 500 rubles
- When ordering more than 10 codes, You can confidently count on discounts.
*If You don't know HS codes or looking to book a selection on other criteria (provider, the recipient, the city, the number of GTE, the product name, date of transactions, and so on), please contact us-we will help You.
AVCI accepted by phone: 8(985)168-22-11
And You can buy yourself the CUSTOMS DATABASE:
# BAA DATA "VED 2OI4" Smokem: - 2000 rubles
Convenient search operations of import and export, detailed data on transactions of companies.
Amount of information: - 5 Gb
# BAA DATA "VED O-2O13" Price: - 4000 rubles
Amount of information: - 25 Gb
# ARCHIVE "foreign trade of RUSSIA 2014-1997" Price: 9000 rubles
- This archive is generated from the customs database for the passed period of 17 years, with a single search engine, for a more comfortable work with them on an external hard or flash drive. Use them the same as a flash drive, plugged in, did the job, and cleaned up.
Amount of information: - 130 Gb
# BAA DATA "foreign economic activity of UKRAINE O-2O13" Cost: 3000 rubles
Amount of information: - 15 Gb
DELIVERY by courier free of charge.
Before the sale, we demonstrate products on the relevance of the data.
- You have the right to know more about those who you are interested!