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Network scrubber machine Turmolava Maxi

Offer type: salePublished: 24.06.2014
Seller:Kovtun Anton
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Network scrubber machine Turbolava Maxi (700 meters)
Brief description:
Compact scrubber machine Cimel Turbolava Maxi is equipped with brushes greater compared to the models Turbolava 35 Facile and Turbolava 35 Plus diameter, which allows you to handle in one pass surface width 40 cm (in contrast to 35 cm model 35 Facile and 35 Plus), as well as increased tank for cleaning solution (8 l), which saves time spent on refilling of detergent. This increases the cleaning performance.
As well as other series machines Turbolava, this model can be used for daily maintenance cleaning and deep cleaning of premises for small and medium size, such as apartments, offices, restaurants, shops, hotel rooms, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, fitness centers and other
With two brushes rotating in opposite directions, the machine can easily handle even with serious pollution, using less detergent.
Despite its small size, this model is a complete professional floor cleaning machine that is so easy to use that can be used by personnel who do not have any professional skills.
Cleaning is greatly facilitated due to the low weight of the machine (19 kg), while the machine is made of durable materials, which greatly prolongs its service life. Thanks to its compact size and maneuverability, the machine moves easily even in hard to reach places. The machine is equipped with a full vacuum system, which allows complete cleaning and drying the surface in one pass.
Package contents:
- Compact scrubber machine in cable performance.
- Three-stage suction system.
- Disk soft brush, 2 pieces
- Hard disk brush, 2 pieces
- Mounted tank for clean water/detergent solution.
- Easily removable hopper tank for dirty water.
- Network cable, length 10 m
Cleaning surfaces in offices, catering and restaurants, educational, children's and medical institutions (including veterinary), fitness and Wellness centers, hair salons and beauty salons, pharmacies, various laboratories, shops, rolling stock surface and underground transport, railway stations, airports, warehouses and small factories, hotels, apartments, private homes and so on
Warranty - 1 year
Delivery to all regions
Any form of payment