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Building cleaner with cyclone system for the building debris and fine dust

Offer type: salePublished: 24.06.2014
Seller:Kovtun Anton
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IPC Soteco Justo Panda (Italy) is a special vacuum cleaner to collect dust and solid particles with the "Cyclone". This is the perfect solution for construction, finishing, manufacturing, garage work - wherever it is necessary to remove a large amount of fine dust: a cement, flour, powder paint, plaster, palestras etc.
In Soteco Justo Panda dust passes vortex plastic tank "Cyclone", where 80-90% of all waste. The remaining garbage is delayed cartridge filter, which simply shake to clean. Justo Panda is equipped with a powerful 1.5 kW turbine and a socket for connection of power tools power up to 1.5 kW. Built-in electronic thermal overload relay includes a vacuum cleaner synchronously with the power tool on and off the cleaner with a delay of 7 seconds to collect the remaining dust. Tank capacity 32 l made of stainless steel.
During cleaning, this vacuum cleaner is not reduced suction power.
The filter is not clogged"
The service life of the turbine is much higher than that of counterparts and simple professional cleaners.
Vacuum - 320 mbar!!!
Typical benefits:
- Stainless steel container with removable top.
- Equipped with the system "Cyclone", which allows you to collect small debris (including cement), without the use of the dust bag.
- Equipped with a socket for connection of power tools.
The Telecontrol system provides for the simultaneous launch of a vacuum cleaner when switching on the power tool.
- Shockproof plastic wheels, resistant to high temperatures and chemical agents.
Additional reusable polyester filter.
- 3-stage engine with increased performance, is provided with double insulation, independent ventilation, a set of turbines.
This building cleaner for dry cleaning is a very convenient device, suitable for use on any craft enterprises and industrial sectors, for example, in workshops, in the course of construction, repair, construction and finishing works, industrial enterprises. This professional vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning after construction, the collection of large debris, cement, pieces of concrete and other construction debris and dust, including major factions.
Warranty - 1 year
Delivery to all regions
Any form of payment