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Industrial vacuum cleaner with a cyclone for collecting fine dust

Offer type: salePublished: 24.06.2014
Seller:Kovtun Anton
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Industrial vacuum cleaner with cyclone system for fine dust Soteco Mec
The vacuum cleaner is specifically designed to collect large quantities of fine dust, cement, flour, powder paint, soot, wood shavings, and other small fractions in industrial plants, workshops and liquid fractions (with the removed part with reusable polyester filter).
Unique device on the market of Ukraine! No analogues!. 4-fold filter system: System Cyclone -> great filter from polyester -> hand shaker (shaker) filter -> cartridge filter
The vacuum cleaner is equipped with three powerful motors.
Stainless steel tank with removable top.
The apparatus has a system of mechanical shaking reusable polyester filter increased space and additional separator conical shape.
Typical benefits:
- Metal housing of the vacuum cleaner is mounted on a sturdy metal frame with durable wheels (front wheels swivel, one of them with brakes) and the handle to move.
Three separately activated two-stage suction turbine with a capacity of 1200 watts provide excellent absorption and can, depending on operating conditions, be operated simultaneously or in turn. The engines of high performance is provided with double insulation and independent ventilation.
- High power motors (3600 watts) gives you a tremendous force of the suction.
- Cooling system suction turbine provides a high service life of the apparatus.
- Stainless steel is not susceptible to corrosion and mechanical damage.
- The design of the tank has the function of tipping and removable top.
- Convenient filter basket increased square with polyester element.
Conical filter insert in the lower tank for the separation of fine dust.
Metal cage protects the filter from damage.
- Shockproof plastic wheels, resistant to high temperatures and chemicals.
- Trolley with wheels and convenient handle provides excellent maneuverability.
- Impact-resistant platform protects from damage as the unit itself, and the walls, equipment and environment.
- Convenient handle for emptying the tank.
- Handle for shaking the filter.
- The ability to collect as dry fine dust (full collection) and liquid mud (when the removed part with a filter).
Warranty - 1 year
Delivery to all regions
Any form of payment