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Composite materials

Offer type: salePublished: 19.06.2014
Seller:Nesterov Aleksej
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Moscow
The company "INTRA Polymer System is involved in the sale of composite materials for the production of fiberglass and artificial stone: polyester resins, corrosion resistant vinyl ester resins, gelcoats, adhesives and pigment pastes, primers, bonding agents CCP Composites; epoxy resins Axson, Mat, stalloreggi (fiberglass), stelarobinson, steklovary companies Owens Corning, PGI and CPIC, non-woven polyester material Matline, means for processing matrices (waxes BlueWax 333, HiLow 1000, Oskar's, Axel, HoneyWax) separation systems Kantstik and Xtend, polishing pastes, internal dividers for technology pultrude, fillers trademarks R. J. Marshall for the production of products made of artificial stone, aluminum trihydrate, materials for modeling and prototyping Axson, polypropylene Nidaplast honeycombs and PVC foam MYcell for the production of sandwich panels, structural adhesives on methacrylate, epoxy and polyurethane (Plexus and Axson) for bonding of heterogeneous surfaces, high-quality alkali-resistant glass fibre for the production of GRC Cem-Fil.