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Offer type: salePublished: 19.06.2014
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The ladle furnace is used for cleaning steel,molten arc or open-hearth furnace or a Converter.Thus,achieving the desired characteristics for continuous casting and rolling.Ladle-furnace our widespread use around the world.These furnaces can speed up production and improve effektivnosti metallurgy.
1:Ladle-furnace can accurately regulate the temperature of the molten steel.Blagodarya arc heating,the molten steel receives more heat.Not only will this add and otreguliruet the composition of the alloy,but also removes the slag,thereby improving deep removal of sulfur and the deoxidation of molten steel.The temperature of the casting.required for nepreryvnoi provided,which improves the quality of the ingots.
2:For mixing rasplavlennyi through brick vents on the bottom of the ladle-furnace substituted with argon.
3:These bucket-speech support the ability of the vacuum bagaimana.After Senseye ladle-furnace inside the vacuum chamber,steel receive sufficient outgassing of vacuum pumps,at the same time ,through the brick vents on the bottom of the ladle-furnace allowed argon for stirring molten steel.Thus,steel is removed hydrogen and nitrogen,oxygen and sulfur further reduced .This method provides high-purity steel and high quality materials.