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rolling mills

Offer type: salePublished: 19.06.2014
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Rolling mills are used for rolling of metal for the production of structural shapes,sheet materials,tubular products and. so on, we Have available the mills for both hot and cold rolling.When rolling the metal passes through the gap between the rotating rollers of various sizes.Because of this,the thickness of the material decreases,but increases its length.
Company Shanghai Electrical is a specialized Chinese manufacturer and supplier of rolling mills.We also manufacture transformers,motors with hollow shaft,continuous casting machine billet,furnace,and much more.
1、Steel mill
The steel mill is used continuously cast billets with dimensions 80m3,100m3 and 120m3 with length 1.Do.2m.From these blanks using the mill can be made of bar steel and rebar diameter from 9 to and length from to 12m .Blanks can also be used for the production of square steel size at*8 30*30mm and the installed length Otto,angular steel razmeri*40,50*II*63mm thick Tom and length Tom.
Depending on the investment and nutritional status,the annual output of the machine can be tote,or even to on.Characteristics of products and the power of the engine can also affect the performance of the machine.
The production process
1\the Size and length of square billets set in accordance with characteristics of products,rolling mill.
2\Hot blanks are conveyed in a microwave continuous heating.
3\Machine steel output displays from the oven.
4\the Blanks are carried by the conveyor in the conveyor roughing stand.
5\rougher holds the rolling of the workpiece 5 cm to 7 times.
6\the ends of the blanks are cut ,and the workpiece is divided into several segments.
7\the Rolling stones for continuous rolling of the workpiece other.
8\the Finished products are transferred fast roller konveyernye
9\Rack-fridge starts automatically to cool the workpiece.
10\the cold Shears automatically cut the finished product to the installed length.
11\Products straight on the correct machine,and then contacted node.
Common accessories
1\the Mill roughing rolling
Three-roll mill f:1 PCs
Three-roll synchronous crate with herringbone gears:1pcs
Reducer:1 PCs
Inertial wheel:1 group
Steel ROLLANT:gruppi
Cooling device and stanochnaja station