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Stand test Common Rail + any pump + PLD-section ( universal )

Offer type: salePublished: 14.06.2014
Seller:petrov gennadij
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Address:Russian Federation
Proposed new development.
Stand with combined functions is universal.
1) Power - 11 KW. Check for any fuel pump: in-line, high-power and V-shaped. Long base. Direct drive. Reinforced shaft. Equipped with oil station, heating diesel oil, vacuum pump, pneumoconiosis, own electronics, sockets for electronic components ( up to 6 different blocks ).
2) it is Technologically prepared to check the Pump-Injectors: has a special tank with defoamers, complete with dampers for pressure gauges, has a special socket for the connection of electronic components. All manometric devices - glycerinate and vibration.
3) the Second function of the stand - checking and adjusting the fuel pumps and electronic Common Rail injectors. Has its own modulator signal on channel 4, own fuel pump Common Rail pressure in the system up to 2200 bar, special gauges high pressure up to 2500 bar, complete test plans, protective guard for the operator.
The stand is protected from voltage variations in the network.
Experience in the design and manufacture of bench equipment - 16 years. Quality assurance and technical support. Complete workshops on repair of the fuel injection pump, Common Rail, PLD-sections.
A gift to the stand:
- stand to adjust and crimp diesel injectors - 1 piece
- machine for lapping valve seat multiplier nozzle Common Rail - 1 PC
- test plans to adjust Common Rail injector kit.
- a set of plates for mounting all domestic pump - set.
spare bulb for the test fluid - 2 large + 2 small.
- replacement injection plunger to stand crimp nozzle - 1 PC
There is a representative office in the Russian city of Belgorod, a city of Sevastopol. Warranty repair and subsequent technical support is produced in Russia.