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The equipment for repair of pump-injectors, PLD-sections

Offer type: salePublished: 14.06.2014
Seller:petrov gennadij
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Address:Russian Federation
100% Completion of the work area for repair pump of nozzles, PLD-sections.
Offer for sale a complete set of technological equipment and tools for repair and testing of pumps and injectors, PLD-sections.
The kit consists of four main items:
1) Cam-Boxing ( Cam Box ) - technological device that is designed to test and verify the pump-injectors of all kinds. Has a distinctive feature that distinguishes from competitors - a camshaft with variable geometry of the Cam. This ensures coverage of all models pump-injectors, PLD-sections.
2) Electronic unit - modulator signal ( pulse ) pump-injectors of all kinds. Equipped with all the necessary connecting cables and adapters. Modern development.
3) Adapters ( set ) in the amount of 12 pieces. Adapters are selected in such a way that allows you to attach any pump-nozzle, PLD-section.
4) the instrument for repair of pump-injectors.: lapping paste, set primerov.
Consultation - we invite you to attend a workshop on repair of pump-injectors and PLD-sections, in order to familiarize themselves with the proposed equipment on actually running the company, to ensure the reliability and efficiency of our range. Turning to us, You save your money and get 100% result as:
- before You a full range of equipment;
immediately enter in the course of the case, as the operating company will show You all the possibilities of the proposed equipment.
- receive competent and responsible advice.
There is a representative office in the Russian city of Belgorod, a city of Sevastopol. Warranty repair and subsequent technical support is produced in Russia.