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Hammer Hammer paint (Senta)

Offer type: salePublished: 12.06.2014
Seller:Bobrov Dmitrij Valer'evich
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Address:Russian Federation
Hammer corrosion-resistant paint based on epoxy resin Senta Hammer with feature direct application to rust.
Features hammer paint: Hammer paint Senta hammer - quick-drying primer enamel. It has high covering ability, adheres well to the surface, forming an elastic film, which is resistant to salt water and humidity. Hammer paint Senta hammer does not contain lead! Used as a corrosion-resistant tools and contains the primer, the final layer of paint and pigment. A distinctive feature corrosion-resistant hammer paint Senta hammer is: espeletiinae enamel rust, due to the presence in the composition of the soil and epoxy resin (which also provides long-term preservation of the metal surface from further corrosion and the formation of a textured surface resembling a hammer effect. Paint the hammer not only covers rust giving the products aesthetic appearance, but also prevents from further corrosion for a long time.
The scope of Hammerite paint: Applied directly to all types of black metal, electroplating and aluminum. Due to its harmlessness and great color palette is used not only in industry but also in everyday life: for painting metal surfaces; for pakrashi metals in construction; for painting roofs; for painting metal outdoor furniture; painting garages; for painting metal doors; for painting metal fences; for painting water pipes; for dyeing factory machines. In particular, hammer paint Senta Hammer, as its analogue Senta Miofe, very widely used in the art forging and for the dyeing of all kinds of forged products.
Surface preparation: for Metal surface should be cleaned of rust and old paint by mechanical means: a brush, a rasp or sand. Dust, oil, grease cleaned with a solvent. If the surface is uneven, you can pre-process it with sandpaper or a grinder (grinder), apply primer (optional), or to fill with putty and allow to dry.
Preparation of paints and coating of Hammerite paint: Pre, you should be very careful to mix the paint with solvent! When using the brush, it is recommended to add 20% solvent Senta hammer (Senta Hammer). Using spray it is recommended to add 25-35% of the solvent. To create a reliable protective coating should be applied the paint with a thickness of 80 microns (one layer of paint applied with an atomizer is about 40 microns).
Drying: To touch - 1-2 hours (depending on weather conditions). The gap between the layers is not less than 2 hours! Fully the effect of "hammer paint" is formed for 48 hours at a temperature of +20°C and humidity of 65%.
Precautions: R10 (Keep away from fire), R20/22 (Harmful by inhalation), R25 (Toxic when used internally), R36 (irritating mucous), R42/43 (irritating by inhalation of vapors and contact with skin), S2 (Keep away from children), S3/7/9 (Store closed in a well ventilated area), S23 (do Not breathe vapors), S24/25 (avoid contact with mucous membranes and skin), S29 (do Not pour into drains), S37/39 (When using wear protective eyewear and a mask), S51 (Use in a well ventilated area)
Safety: In case of contact with eyes, rinse under running water and immediately consult a doctor.
Color: Hammer - 22, Glossy - 12, Metallic shades - 9
Texture: Hammer effect, Glenealy effect, Metal shade.
Solvent: Synthetic Senta Hammer or domestic analogue - 646
Consumption: 8-10 m²/l in a single layer
Packaging: 0,75 l, 2,5 HP, 15 HP
Shelf life: 5 years (at room temperature in the original packaging)