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Monolayer Agricultural Film Blowing Machine

Offer type: salePublished: 11.06.2014
Seller:Song Wei
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The monolayer agricultural film blowing machine (wide film) is applied in producing film out of materials like LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, and mixture of LDPE and LLDPE. This film blowing machine can make plastic shed film, mulching film, and packaging materials for food, garments, daily commodities, industrial products, and more.
The monolayer agricultural film blowing machines can be tailor-made for customers.
1) The extruder adopts new-type undulation screw, mixing mould, and powerful transporting bushings.
2) The cooling system adopts air blower with low air pressure and large air quantity. The traction system is stable and reliable. The machine is equipped with cutting device. And it can be equipped with inner-cooling system as per the customer’s requirements.
3) The plastic film produced by this machine has characteristics of low cost, high strength, uniform thickness, excellent transparency, and good plasticity.
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