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Polishing Machine For Granite Slab MGLX-16

Offer type: salePublished: 11.06.2014

Product Description:
It adopts PLC terminal control system; Operator can set the parameters by the programmable controller with LCD screen. It is equipped with trouble alarm and abrasive block consumption alarm systems. It is qualified for continuous grinding and polishing granite stone slabs. The speeds of work piece conveyor and cross beam adopt converters to adjust their speed. Its processing width and working pressure of grinding heads are adjustable. Each grinding head can rise and fall automatically following the work piece movement. The machine also has the function of avoidance. Meanwhile, the main motor of this machine is only 7.5kw with 16 pcs and it uses the common round abrasive, so that it has the high efficiency energy saving and environmental protection function.
We have sold this kind of machine to some factories in China. After long-time inquiry, we have got the probable efficiency data.
Technical DataUnitMGLX-9/12/16/20
Max. polishing widthmm600-1250
No. of headspcs9,12,16,20
Useful working thicknessMm13-50mm
Useful abrasive Resin abrasive
Speed of conveyer beltMm0-2800mm
Frequency of front-back swingTimes/min30 times/m( go and back)
Main powerKW7.5kw each head
Journey of air cylinderMm100mm
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Seller:Song Wei
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