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Bioactivator of Compostella drug for rapid composting, fertilizers

Offer type: salePublished: 10.06.2014
Seller:- Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Properly prepared compost composition at home with their own hands will completely replace the use, purchase of chemicals, fertilizers, peat, humus accelerators growth.
As quickly, efficiently independently by the method of accelerated maturation to cook em compost at the cottage, in the garden, in the garden? Where the online store to buy at an affordable price is the best tool for home accelerated composting of crop, torn with the roots of weeds, vines and leaves of plants, residues, food waste, leaves, manure, chicken litter.
Online shop Home and Garden offers gardeners buy at cheap price best unique Russian super tool Compostella http://xn--80ahbodrcnc6a.xn--p1ai//index/kompostello_sredstvo_dlja_prigotovlenija_komposta/0-82 . The activator is designed to accelerate getting yourself at home natural compost, bio fertilizers for plants, seedlings, home and garden flowers, vegetables, and fruits.
One of the best national Boscoreale content for composting compost pit, box, piles, barrels, and other containers miracle bioactivator of Compostella. Composesorates great way method to obtain environmentally friendly, natural and safe bio fertilizers, peat, humus for plants! Effective treatment will hasten the process of composting, recycling, grass, food debris, leaves, sawdust, straw, manure composting wood, metal box, pit barrel. Received their own hands at the cottage, in the garden, the vegetable garden organic fertilizer will fully substitute the purchase of fertilizer in the store and will save the family budget!
Why shop Home & Garden recommends that the cottagers, gardeners and buy at the best price excellent eco tool Compostella for self compomotive, fast receive at home natural bio em compost?
Super bioactivator Kompostello quickly, efficiently decompose organic matter in the compost. Accelerating pregnany grass, weeds, fallen leaves, remnants of food. Bisostad miracle drug on the basis of micro biobattery in the composting process will reduce the volume of waste in the compost heap. Composesorates http://xn--80ahbodrcnc6a.xn--p1ai//index/kompostello_sredstvo_dlja_prigotovlenija_komposta/0-82 will conduct decontamination located in a pit, box of vegetation will destroy weed seeds. Growers accelerated method, method of ripening will receive at home at the cottage, in the garden, the garden ready ready valuable em compost, eco-friendly organic fertilizer. Eco bisostad to obtain the correct compost, Compostella significantly increases the soil fertility in the country, garden, garden plots. Received with their hands in the home bio humus, organic fertilizer is much more effective than expensive imported store funds for composting. The resulting humus, fertilizer ideal for self-cultivation of fungi, such as mushrooms. Bio humus is perfectly used in greenhouses, greenhouses, flower beds, vegetable patches, fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs. Use compost fertilizer for the soil, house plants, flowers, growing seedlings, planting potatoes.
Biological system composting compositematerial not contain chemical substances, compounds. Part of the miracle of bioactivator consists entirely of specially grown soil bio bacteria.
One package super bioactivator http://xn--80ahbodrcnc6a.xn--p1ai//index/kompostello_sredstvo_dlja_prigotovlenija_komposta/0-82 to quickly correct maturation, get em compost, Compostella designed to process 1 cube of organic costs. For more densified, highly compacted mass of compostable material in a plastic, wooden or metal box, container, pit, as well as processing a larger volume of vegetation, waste, manure, you must add at least 1.5 - 2 pack drug comstockiella 1 cubic term for the full maturation of compost 6 - 8 weeks.
The method of application, the use of IVF medication for composting, Compostella:
Dissolve 1 package super BioWare, Compostella weight of 70 grams per 20 liters of warm water. Let sit for 30 - 45 minutes.
Pre-grind in a compost container, box, container, pit, barrel vegetable waste, branches, leaves, organic and food waste, leaves, grass. Downloading small portions of material processing in the pit, barrel spill layers of real waste water composition super bioactivator.
Close compost pile, containers, grass, straw, sawdust, any suitable material. In wood, metal container, plastic box will create a greenhouse effect.
More detailed instructions are on the packaging means Compostella.
Cook bio drug Compostella high quality biofertilizer for greenhouses, seedbeds, beds can be of any decaying organic matter, plants.
Be sure to listen to recommendations from the Internet store House and Garden to buy from us at factory price best tool for making, receiving, compost, humus at home super eco drug Compostella.
Gardeners, gardeners appreciate the high quality, efficiency compostables http://xn--80ahbodrcnc6a.xn--p1ai//index/kompostello_sredstvo_dlja_prigotovlenija_komposta/0-82 good reviews.
Collaborate directly with the manufacturer of a biological product by the Moscow company Megaterium. Warranty of the original product, high quality, efficiency obtain the final result.
Super environmental biopesticide for composting facility Compostella will significantly increase the yield of organic vegetables, mushrooms, berries, fruits, flowers, herbs.
The sale at retail, small, medium, large wholesale.
Delivery in any region of Russia. Minimum order 3 packages.
For wholesalers and small retailers a flexible system of discounts. TEL: 89277260320, 89063753197, 89608033739
Price 190 rubles.