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Ultrasonic scraper UD-041 light therapy iontophoresis

Offer type: salePublished: 06.06.2014
Seller:Oksana Anatol'evna
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Today, it is the most functional device, a portable schwaberow, because in addition to the function of cleaning and micro-massage, has the function of light therapy and iontophoresis!
Pobrany overview of ultrasonic scraper UD-041 , and reviews can be found in our group,
this link
There are also other popular models of schwaberow: KD-8020, UD-039, LW-006
All original, from the manufacturer! Have European certificates from the manufacturer.
The working plate made of special stainless steel
Peeling, iontophoresis and light therapy in one device
Apparat is plugged in and on battery. 4-hour charge lasts for 2 hours
Suitable for both professional and home use
Each function has 2 levels of intensity
Can be used simultaneously: ultrasound + iontophoresis, ultrasound + light, iontophoresis + light
Manufacturer: Taiwan
Warranty - 18 months!
The warranty on all vehicles less than 6 months.
On skraber UD-041 - 12 months.
Delivery: pickup or delivery by courier or Noway Mail in Ukraine.
Mail delivery is undertaken in any country!
Call or write! Answer all questions within 24 hours!