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Machine packing DLP-320XA

Offer type: salePublished: 06.06.2014
Seller:Romanovskij Mihail Borisovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Moscow
Machine packing DLP-320XA is a fully automatic apparatus for filling bulk goods full production cycle (dosing, filling, sealing packing, cutting). This model is equipped with modern pneumatic actuator and is used for packaging such products as sugar, rice, nuts, candy, popcorn, etc. Machine packing DLP-320XA creates a three-suture package "cushion" in the form of a tetrahedron in which volumetric dosing occupait a set number of products up to 750 ml. This unit has microprocesses control the stepper motor to adjust the length of the packaging, which does not requires special knowledge and skills.
Film width mm 180-380
Packet length mm 60-280
Width mm 60-190
Max. The diameter of the film ( reels) 320mm
Performance 35-70 pack/min
Volume dosing 50-750 ml
The film thickness of 0.04-0.07 mm
Main technical specifications
Weight, kg
The power cut,5
Dimensions (length, width, height)HH
The principle remoteauthentication
Type producttype
Type material film materials
The principle of upakovki volume
Price: 345 240 rubles