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Ultrasound veterinary apparatus EMP-830

Offer type: salePublished: 04.06.2014
Seller:Poltava Medikos
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Address:Ukraine, Poltavs'ka Oblast', Poltava
Ultrasonic portable scanner EMP-830 VET has been successfully used in veterinary medicine and has a special program for veterinary research, which allows it to more accurately measure and improve the image quality in the study of different species of animals.
High-quality image is formed through technology optimization of image quality, including technology broadband digital beam forming, dynamic focusing, dynamic aperture in real time, as well as technology dynamic Apodization image. EMP-830 has the recognition of the specificity of the investigated tissues, which improves image quality, and broadband and multi-frequency sensors can be used in wider clinical range.
Film loop 256 images and memory 30 images included in the standard configuration.
In the basic equipment includes USB ports, which increases the possibility of data storage and greatly facilitated the process of image transfer.
Being multifunctional, the apparatus may be equipped with a full set of sensors: linear, convex and rectal. The scanner EMP-830 VET has 4 display modes: B; B/B; B/M; M Operational controls are used to optimize the image quality. The scanner has the standard modes of measurement: distance, perimeter, area, volume, using the ellipse and stroke, time, speed, etc. For calculation, are incorporated in the scanner obstetric and cardiac programs.
Technical characteristie:
The image mode: b, b/b, b/m, M
Scanning mode: electronic convex and linear
Grayscale: 256 levels
Display: 10, 4 inches, LCD, high resolution flicker-free, no harmful radiation in comparison with the previously released models
The sensor port: 2 (standard)
Multifrequency sensor
Electronic focus: mix 1-4 set and an arbitrary focus
The technology of dynamic imaging: dynamic frequency scanning, step-by-step dynamic focusing
image transmission in real time
Scanning depth: 220mm
The appeal of the image: left/right, up/down, positive/negative
Image magnification: x1, 0, x1, 2, x1, 5, x2, 0, and then review
Function gradual zoom: up to 2x (red and white mode enlarge)
Dimensions:-main mode of measurement, distance, perimeter, area, volume (tregothnan method)
M-mode primary dimension, EF, heart rate, time, S measurement, BPD, CRL, GS, FL, HC, AC, EFW
Peripheral ports
Video port, USB port (for connecting to the computer saving images and software updates), the port for normal and video printer port to connect a foot pedal
Energy consumption
The device is powered from three sources: AC and lithium battery (battery life up to 2 hours), also can be used car adapter for connecting to the car battery through the cigarette lighter
Size: 287 mm (W) × 243 mm (Height) × 216 mm (Depth)
- Weight: About 4 kg
Ultrasound machine+convex multifrequency sensor 2.5; 3.5; 5.0 MHz
Linear sensor (multifrequency)
5.0 MHz/6.5 MHz/7.5 MHz for studies of tendons, bones, small bodies in small and large animals. Used in the diagnosis of fish (reproductive bodies).
- Convex probe (multifrequency)
2.5 MHz/3.5 MHz/5.0 MHz to diagnose pregnancy and abdominal studies of medium-sized animals. Used in the diagnosis of fish (reproductive bodies)
- Microconvex probe (multifrequency)
(2.5 MHz/ 3.5 MHz/5.0 MHz for abdominal examinations of large animals and cardiology.
- Microconvex probe (multifrequency)
5.0 MHz/ 6.5 MHz/7.5 MHz for abdominal examinations of small animals and cardiology.
- Rectal linear probe (multifrequency)
5.0 MHz/6.5 MHz/7.5 MHz for the diagnosis of pregnancy of farm animals, diagnostics of the functional state of the ovaries, uterus. The survey shazili and suglobov.