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Elongation trucks Gazelle Valdai Photon ZIL bull Bas Phoenix Isuzu Hyundai MAZ

Offer type: servicesPublished: 04.06.2014
Seller:Sitnov Boris 79527705555
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Address:Russian Federation
If You need to extend Your car, install the on-Board body, europlatform or van - contact LLC Rosabeth"
We can quickly and easily extend the GAZelle Valdai GAZ 3309 or another car brand, TATA, ISUZU Isuzu, HYUNDAI Hyundai , FOTON Foton , ZIL 5301 goby, BAW Fenix Bas Phoenix, FUSO, HINO, Hino, MAZ calf , Mercedes Mercedes, Faw, KAMAZ.
Lengthening of frame trucks. Converted elongated chassis truck has a sufficient margin of safety due to unique technology, the connection of the insert to the frame .
One of the main activities of our company is the manufacture and installation of onboard bodies for trucks of different brands. Side platform with a tent or without it, with a hinged side and rear boards, with high front Board.
Racks are made of steel and can be removable or fixed .
Manufacture, installation, manufacturing euroforge on g rozovyi auto.
Europlatform (trailer or euroforge) is a frame structure with a tent, made of shaped tubes with a rectangular cross-section. Europort, euroforge is a side platform with reinforced high frame with a tent of frost-resistant fabric (imported material of different colors) and the rear swing gate. It is possible to manufacture top and side loading and unloading. Dimensions europlatform depend on Your needs.
We offer cargo platform for all types of chassis GAS, Hyundai, Isuzu,Tata, Baw, Foton, Faw, ZIL, Fuso, Hino, MAZ and other
Offer to buy platform GAZelle Valdai GAZ 3309, 33081, 330202, 33023, etc. we Have the best prices !
LLC "Rosavtodor" is engaged in manufacturing , production and sale of caravans. You can buy insulated van , furniture or manufactured goods van (camper) .
Set the van on Your chassis GAS ISUZU Isuzu, HYUNDAI Hyundai , FOTON Foton , ZIL goby, BAW Fenix Bas Phoenix, FUSO, HINO, Hino, MAZ , Mercedes Mercedes.
Replacement of old vans and airborne platforms.
To convert the car, standing on the registration of necessary documents: permission from the traffic police (issued at the place of registration)
Phone +7 (903) 058-25-58 and 8 (952) 770-55-55