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Telescope Sky-Watcher AZ 909-3

Offer type: salePublished: 02.06.2014
Seller:Ivanov Alexandr Tsena: 4300 grn
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The azimuthal telescope mount AZ-3 - aluminum tripod c microkernel by pointing the telescope on both axes. In parts two eyepieces Super 25mm (36x), 1,25" and Super 10 mm (90x), 1,25", diagonal mirror, giving a direct mirror image finder h. Net weight of the telescope - 11,7 kg Maximum magnification: 90 times
Lens diameter: 90 mm
Focal length: 900 mm
Relative aperture: 1/10
Resolution: 1,3" (angular seconds)
Penetrating power: 12,5 (magnitude)
Mount: Azimuthal
Weight: 16.00 kg
The eyepiece Super 25 mm (h), 1,25"
The eyepiece Super 10 mm (90s), 1,25"
Diagonal mirror to 1.25"
Finder h
Aluminum tripod