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GTPGS - complete transformer substation for the city network

Offer type: salePublished: 01.06.2014
Seller:Gurvich Mark Vladlenovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Vladimirskaya Oblast', Vladimir
GTPGS - complete transformer substation dead-end or through-type ( marking manufacturer GTPGS-250...630/6(10)/0,4-U1) are designed to receive electric energy of three-phase alternating current with frequency 50 Hz rated voltage 6 (10) kV, conversion and distribution of its voltage 0.4 kV for power supply of urban networks. Structurally GTPGS consists of units of welded structure, the compartment which houses the equipment, and mast (for option with air input). In
case two-transformer substation block modules are combined one (partitioning on the low voltage side) or two bus bridges (partitioning on the side of the LV and HV).
The unit is divided into three compartments:
- compartment device from a higher voltage - IOC;
- Bay power transformer;
- compartment switchgears by low voltage - low voltage switchgear.
Device from a higher voltage is implemented on the chamber 393.
In the compartment of the power transformer can be installed oil-immersed transformers series TM,TMG
power up to 630 kVA. To order you must submit the questionnaire.
Manufacturing equipment Schneider electric,
, shipment by region . T./F. 4922-305368 ;8-903-6471471