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MITS BCTP - modular integrated transformer substation in concrete jacket

Offer type: salePublished: 01.06.2014
Seller:Gurvich Mark Vladlenovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Vladimirskaya Oblast', Vladimir
Modular integrated transformer substation for outdoor installation in
concrete shell with one MITS-250...400/6(10)/0,4-N1 or with two transformers
BCTP- 250...1000/6(10)/0,4-N1
Concrete transformer substations depending on the number of transformers are manufactured in one (MITS) or three (BCTP) concrete blocks.
Block mono-transformers substation is divided into three compartments:
- compartment device side of the higher voltage of the IOC;
- Bay power transformer T1;
- compartment of the switchgear side low voltage
Two-transformer substation BCTP consists of three separate blocks:
- unit side high-voltage - IOC;
- Bay power transformers T1 and T2;
unit switchgear side low voltage
The types of substations : MITS - 250/6/0,4-03-U1 ;
BCTP - 250/10/0,4-03-U1 ; MITS - 400/6/0,4-03-U1 ;BCTP - 400/10/0,4-03-U1 ;
MITS - 630/6/0,4-03-U1 ;BCTP - 630/10/0,4-03-U1 ;MITS - 1000/6/0,4-03-U1 ;
BCTP - 1000/10/0,4-03-U1 ; BCTP - 1600/6/0,4-03-U1 ; BCTP - 1600/10/0,4-03-U1 ;
BCTP - 1600/10/0,4-03-U1; BCTP - 1600/10/0,4-03-U1 .
Manufacturer Schneider Electric equipment, to order you must submit the questionnaire.
T./F. 4922-305368 ;8-903-6471471