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CTP Booth - complete two-transformer substation

Offer type: salePublished: 01.06.2014
Seller:Gurvich Mark Vladlenovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Vladimirskaya Oblast', Vladimir
CTP Booth - complete two-transformer substation for outdoor installation
three-phase alternating current with frequency of 50 Hz, is a
electrical device used for the reception, conversion
(level voltage via power transformers, transmission
and distribution of electric energy. Used in power networks:
industrial enterprises in rural and urban areas construction sites and other facilities
CTP Kiosk type is a modular pre-assembled welded metal structure. Blocks (modules) are made with a frame made of steel profiles with resistant coating for increased corrosion resistance and modern design. Modules lined with galvanized sheet thickness 1,5 mm
Blocks (modules) CTP Kiosk type usually are:
- switchgear high voltage high voltage switchgear-6(10) kV with cell type CSR
- Bay power transformer,
- switchgear low voltage low voltage switchgear-0,4 kV with the cell type THAT.
Layout CTP Kiosk type, its dimensions and the number of blocks depends on the schema of the electrical connections and the number of cells and transformers. Blocks CTP Kiosk type separated by metal partitions, and have separate doors, lockable locks.
For ventilation and cooling systems installed within a block of the apparatus doors have openings with shutters. In some cases, the camera of the transformer can be provided with an axial exhaust fan..
In high voltage switchgear and low voltage switchgear substation cells are arranged in one row with the formation of the hallway. Modules CTP Kiosk type are equipped with lighting, heating and ventilation system with ready-made wiring that allows the installation of a substation in a shorter time.
High-voltage input, order, is air, with installation on the roof of the compartment of the bushings with ARF or cable through the floor or wall. Low-voltage outputs can be cable or air, with ustanovkoi rooftop CTP Kiosk type frame with insulators for overhead lines-0,4 kV.
The basis CTP Kiosk type is monocoque design of the profiles, which has a solid or expanded metal flooring with malopriemlem hole for emergency release of oil from the transformer and holes for input and output cables. The strength of the base transformer module is designed for installation of one power transformers up to 2500 kVA.
HVSG on CTP capacity of over 250 kVA is performed on the basis of series cameras KCO-HH, and over 1,000 kVA can be made on the basis of CSR-2xx with vacuum circuit breakers.
Low voltage switchgear, with panels SHCHO-70 as with circuit breakers on the input and exhaust lines and breakers and fuses.
Join CTP Kiosk type to the air line VL-6(10) kV, as a rule, is carried out through a three-pole linear disconnector type RLND-10 or equivalent.
As power transformers transformers are used with both dry and oil the main insulation of the windings.
Before sending all the modules are laid all inter-module communication is marking and comprehensive testing of electrical equipment.
Order CTP Kiosk type can be performed: electric; electric heating; natural or forced ventilation; split-system air-conditioning and fire alarm system. T./F. 4922-305368 ;8-903-6471471