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The point of the commercial account of electric power FBS-10.

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Seller:Gurvich Mark Vladlenovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Vladimirskaya Oblast', Vladimir
The point of commercial electric power accounting (PKU-10) is designed for metering, measuring, collecting, storing and transmitting information on the consumption of electricity in the air distribution networks of three-phase alternating current with frequency 50 Hz and rated voltage of 6-10 kV. Tracking factors unauthorized connections, PTO and other losses, as well as for use in the automated system of control and accounting of electricity.
PKU-10 is installed on the boundary balanced facilities on existing pole of an owner that does not require additional land acquisition and capital structures.
The collection of information on the electricity meter can be implemented in two modes:
local (visual eat readings from the meter installed in NSH); remote (transfer data to the control station using both wired and wireless communication channels).
PKU-10 consists of two cabinets.
High voltage Cabinet is a metal housing with bushing insulators imps, inside of which there are two voltage transformer type NOL, two current transformers type TOL, two fuses PKN.
Depending on the needs of the customer wiring diagram of the counter can be performed in the following versions:
2 CT + 2 voltage transformer ;
2 current transformer + 3 voltage transformer ;
3 current transformer + 3 voltage transformer ;
Low-voltage Cabinet is a metal Cabinet, inside which is located a test box and metering devices.
For connection of low-voltage and high-voltage Cabinet using a connecting wire, laid in corrugated pipe.
Hull VS and NS are made of steel, covered with paint. To protect equipment and increased robustness in switching and atmospheric overvoltages are surge arresters.
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