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Cultivator type SCC-4.2.,SCC-5.6 and section KRN, krnv

Offer type: salePublished: 25.02.2021
Seller:Otdel prodazh
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Cultivator type SCC-4.2., SCC-5.6 and section KRN, Krnv, Hiller SCC.section krn,section krn, fertilizer system krn,krnv,Hiller SCC.

Sell cultivators product KRN-4.2, SCC-5.6, krnv-5.6.

Cultivator SCC-4.2, (paw, stand, razor, Hiller)
Cultivator krnv-4.2, (paw, fertilizer system rack, shaver)
Cultivator SCC-5.6(paw, hour, razor)
Cultivator krnv-5.6(paw, fertilizer system rack, shaver)
Transport on SCC(on request)
Kuchnicki on the SCC Central (heavy-duty two-way adjustable angle of attack

Kuchnicki unilateral(left-right)
Fertilizer system vneseniya fertilizers(kit)-krnv.
The market price of SCC-4.2=00000 T. UAH
The market price krnv-4.2=00000 T. UAH.
The market price of SCC-5.6=t.UAH
The market price krnv-5.6=00000 T. UAH.
Final price-contract price discount % + shipping Ukraine!
Shipping in agriculture,different form of payment,the delivery time is 1-2 days.
Detailed information on the phone.
Direct delivery without intermediaries in Ukraine.
Naberite--and we will arrange the delivery of the goods,deliver today!