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Grain caster ZM-u

Offer type: salePublished: 16.01.2019
Price:999 UAH
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Grain caster ZM-u

Designed for mechanization of loading-unloading works on open currents and in warehouses.

-loading of grain in the warehouse and unloading grain from a warehouse;
-loading of grain in the vehicle;
mechanical spreading grain in open areas;
-the formation of shoulders of the individual piles of grain.
Turn trimmer 90° in both directions allows to:
-the process of loading grain run continuously;
-evenly distribute the grain when loading a warehouse;
to form the collar with one comb;
-spread out the grain from the storage pile to dry at the site of current and assemble it again in the shoulder.
Technical characteristics

Trimmer with Severnoi tape.

Lighting devices.

The cable 15 m with plug.
Capacity, t/h = 70
The height of the cast grain, m = 5

The range of grain up to 17m.

Total capacity of 11 kW.
Overall dimensions, mm = .HH
Weight full weight, kg, not more-- 1200

Transport speed when samoparodijnye, km/h-- value (0.475) value (0.475)

Specific energy consumption of 0.13

The number of motors --3 PCs

The number of staff, pers. 1

Download eighteen-wheelers without problems!!!

Shipping in agriculture, commissioning,training.

Guarantee payment on the fact of running machinery on the farm.

Full package of documents.