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•FCS is the largest producer of injection molding machines for plastics in Taiwan.

Offer type: salePublished: 27.06.2013
•FCS is the largest producer of injection molding machines for plastics in Taiwan. Over the last 34 years, the technical know-how founded in 1974, the company allowed her to become one of the leading manufacturers of injection molding machines in Taiwan
•FCS produces a wide range of injection molding machines in the South Asian region with a clamping force of from 30 to 6000 tons:
Oan series - precision and high-speed machines TPA
oAF series - precision and high-speed injection moulding machines
oAD(N) series - high speed termoplastavtomaty (TPA)
oSV series - energy-saving machines
oHT series - standard TPA (developed in collaboration with the Italian company Italtech)
oFT series - large capacity machines
oHN series - standard TPA economy class (similar to automatic machines series HT made in the Chinese factory Fu Chun Shin)
oFB-T and FB-R series - thermoplastics for multi-component molding
oFT-P series - molding machines for molding PET
oFT-U series - double-acting thermosetting plastic machines
oBMC series - injection molding for the manufacture of products from thermosetting resins, including bakelite
•in various important sites TPA uses only high quality components from leading European and Japanese manufacturers
•injection molding FCS are exported to more than 50 countries. The company employs 260 people, producing more than 1500 vehicles per year
•among the clients who use injection molding machines, there are such famous companies as Nokia, Toyota Motors, BMW, IBM, Coca-Cola, Barby, Microsoft
•quality products FCS is confirmed by the fact that the company was the first in his production of injection molding machines in Taiwan who got certificates of CE and ISO 9001. Was soon obtained the certificate of "Excellent made in Taiwan"