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machines, equipment, extruder, extrusion line for the production of sewer pipes from PVC

Offer type: salePublished: 22.06.2013
Seller:Sun' Katya
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extrusion line for domestic sewage PVC pipe F-50, F50-110, F50-160, F-225, F-400, F-315, F-630mm
Twostation mixer, 1 comp.
Twin screw extruder, 1 comp.
Pipe head, 1 comp.
Bath calibration and cooling, 1 comp.
Haul off, 1 comp.
Cutting device with the removal of the chamfer, 1 comp.
Automatic belling machine, 1 comp.
1. Warranty for mechanical parts 18 months, for electrical parts, 12 months,
2. Commissioning at our factory free
3. There are representative offices in Russia, can make rasstamojka for You
4. Delivered service running in the shop customer (by customer request).
5. Individual approach to each client.
6. The certificates of ISO9001-2008, CE, GOST, SGS