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Calloperator Sollas SX

Offer type: salePublished: 18.06.2013
Seller:Turketi Natal'ya
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Address:Russian Federation
Peter binder GmbH supplies calloperator Sollas used in different industries.
Callianassa equipment Sollas is well known worldwide due to provide them with excellent quality lining product and competitive prices. Continuous innovation, together with the constant introduction of advanced technologies allows you to maintain high standards followed by the company Sollas.
Machine SX-series of the company Sollas - automatic machine for packaging film, built on a revolutionary modular principle. Servos provide full control over all movements of the machine and guarantee perfect handling of the products.
High quality decoration product
The minimum length of time when switching from one size to another
All adjustable nodes are equipped with quick-change devices.
Minimum replacement of parts when changing the product.
The servo vacuum supply film
Tormosov on the side of the product
Calloperator Sollas SX60 can be equipped pogibayuschej section for products with a height up to 96 or 125 mm Model SX80 can work with products with a height up to 66 mm, Both models can also be equipped with a universal pogibayuschej section, does not require any replacement parts.
Callianassa machine Sollas SX is equipped with PLC and vysokointensivnymi display with touch screen. The machine can be equipped with PLC and displays manufactured by Siemens or Rockwell Automation.
Standard product dimensions (mm)80 SX60SX
Dimensions of product (mm)
Proizvoditelnosti PCs/min PCs/min
The changeover time for resizing (min)5-15
Film width (mm)50-435
Maximum roll diameter planci
Packing materialproperty principalprotected film
Compressed air consumption (dm3/cycle)5
Compressed air pressure (Bar)6
Power consumption (kW)4
Machine weight (net)1000
The basic configuration HL/HR/LL/DILDIL
Color машиныRAL 9010 (white)
Periodcally/servo motors
System управленияPLC
Additional optsionalnaya tear tape, the label is detected, various supply system, vacuum system for precise feeding of the film, point/line welding seam for perfumery products, individual product supply, spot sealing the sides, trim the felt universal podgibayutsya section that does not require replacement parts.
Equipment for cellophane supplied by Peter binder GmbH, made in accordance with the European standards and equipped with the necessary safety systems.