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Installation, commissioning, repair (instrumentation and steam and hot water boilers)

Offer type: servicesPublished: 17.06.2013
Seller:kompaniya Igor' Ivanovich Uman'
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Address:Republic of Belarus, Minsk
The company "Uman" - the Republic of Belarus carries out the whole complex of Belarus and the Russian Federation (Moscow and Moscow region):
- Electrical works;
- Installation, commissioning, repair (instrumentation and steam and hot water boilers);
- Technical devices, chemical, petrochemical and oil-refining industry;
- Gas consumption systems (automation and alarm systems);
- Installation and commissioning of automatic fire alarm systems and smoke protection;
- Construction of networks and telecommunication systems;
For all kinds of installation work, the company has the appropriate license.
The company "Uman" performs the whole complex of these kinds of works on construction and reconstruction of objects of all industries of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.
Express our desire for mutually beneficial cooperation.
Installation of electrical equipment and electrical products:
Installation of switchboards and control of all assignments,
Mounting boards automatic fire extinguishing foam, water, gas),
Mounting boards fan speed control smoke and shields storey smoke removal for residential and public buildings,
Installation of switchboards and control boiler type SCE, SHK,
power Board type MCC,
The Assembly process valves RTZO-88 for various industries (utilities, power and others),
Installation of package transformer substations (high and low side),
Installation of billboards outdoor lighting SEL,
The mounting points of the distribution PR-11, PR-24,
Installation of distribution boxes SR-11, SRS,
Installation of water-distribution devices (ASE 1),
Mounting boxes motor control type A, AWE,
The mounting plates of the lighting group series SRB-15,
Installation of control stations pumping stations SHUN, and other S
Installation of automation switchboards accessories and low voltage integrated control device boiler,
Mounting blocks (station) ABP,
Installation of boxes and cabinets with terminal clamps SHAW,
Mounting boxes with breakers switchs could feed, AVS, ABPVE, ATP,
The installation of cabinets Instrumentation and NKU,
The company "Uman" shall enter into a separate contract for the supply of electrical measuring instruments - Instrumentation and other components according to the customer.
Carry the full range of electrical installation and commissioning works.
Carry out installation and commissioning of systems CIPA, fire alarm and smoke protection.
Carry out installation and commissioning of metering devices of thermal and electrical energy.
The quality of work and service guarantee.
Phone: 8(029) 112-82-34, 8(029) 555-76-87, 8(025) 613-90-77.
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