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Installation POI 1600 100, installation of PDAM 12 150. Mechanical seal

Offer type: salePublished: 14.06.2013
Seller:Dolov Artur Borisovich
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Address:Russian Federation
Dear Sirs, our company offers You the following products:
1)POI 1000/12; PPUA 1600/100; POI 1800/100; POI 2000/100; PPUA 1600/100 stationary;
2)Install steam-commercial stationary POI 1000/5; Steam unit, PPUA 1600/100 for dewaxing oil wells on chassis KAMAZ 43118; PPUA 1600/100 Ural chassis installation for dewaxing oil wells on the chassis Ural 4320; PPUA 1600/100 on chassis KrAZ Installation for dewaxing oil wells on chassis KrAZ-63221 Truck KrAZ-250.
3)Assembly for dewaxing wells hot oil. PDAM 12/150; PDAM 16/150; PDAM 12/150 sleigh; PDAM 12/150 on KAMAZ chassis; Unit PDAM on chassis KAMAZ 43118; PDAM 12/150 Ural chassis Assembly PDAM on the chassis Ural 4320; Unit PDAM 12/150
Attachments .
1)1 weave-1 Portable boilers weave ;
2)weave 3-1 Portable boilers weave ;
3)8 weave-1 Portable boilers weave ;
4)weave 3-1,6 Transportable boiler weave ;
5)weave 10-1,6 Transportable boiler weave ;
6)weave 10-2 Transportable boiler weave .
1)Gas boiler 0.5 MW Transportable gas boiler, Gas boiler 1.2 MW
Transportable gas boiler, Gas boiler 2 MW Transportable gas boiler.; Gas boiler 2,7 MW Transportable gas boiler, Gas boiler 3 MW Transportable gas boiler installation, Gas boiler 4 MW
Transportable boiler installation .
1)CA-320 Attachments; CA-320 On the chassis Ural 4320; CA-320 chassis KAMAZ 43118. .
We hope for cooperation.
For our clients we provide:
- quality services in the shortest possible time;
competitive and flexible pricing policy;
- the work of highly skilled consultants.