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Ozone generators, ozone generators, ozonation systems StreamOzone

Offer type: salePublished: 05.06.2013
Seller:Otdel Kommertsializatsii NNTs HFTI
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv
Ozonation is the most effective method of disinfection of water in swimming pools. Today ozonation is the main technology for water treatment in swimming pools all over the world due to its natural properties:
When applying ozone water treatment technologies in the pool You'll be able to evaluate the following effects:
-no smells
-the absence of water and in the respiratory area, chlorinated derivatives formed during the chlorination of water
-exceptional transparency (unavailable in the case of the use of chemical methods of cleaning and disinfection)
-water takes on a blue hue
-the absence of allergic reactions
-improve the atmosphere in the premises pools
-the absence of fungi
-oxygen saturation
-reduced consumption of reagents used for
-cleaning and disinfection of water
-reduction of total water consumption
-reducing the need for the use of traditional chemicals 80-100 %
-bathing in the ozonated water has a healing effect - increases energy, relieves chronic fatigue syndrome, restores efficiency.
We have developed ozonizers StreamOzone can be integrated into any system of water circulation in the basin and provide high quality water for pools with different volume and mode of operation.
We offer:
generators ozone (ozone generators)
- ozonation systems
measuring equipment
Our ozone generators are used:
-for disinfection of water in swimming pools
-industrial water treatment
for wastewater treatment
Our ozone generators for swimming pools, baths, saunas, SPA