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Cheap! Will sell cheap activated carbon BAU

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:150 UAH
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Activated carbon BAU-A - is a porous material made of hardwood trees , mostly birch. Activated carbon is the chemical composition is a natural carbon formation . Has a highly developed total porosity, wide range of pores and significant value of the specific absorptive surface (700-800 m2 per 1 g of carbon).

These indicators allow the effective use of coal BAU-A for the purification of liquids from a wide range of impurities (small, commensurate with the iodine molecules to molecules of fats, oils, petroleum products, chlorinated organic compounds, etc.)

Applications of activated carbon BAU-A
• air conditioning water-alcohol solutions in the alcoholic beverage industry
• preparation of drinking water; equipment, small-sized filters for purification of drinking water; use in filters for aquariums
• clean steam condensate to boiler houses and CHP enterprises
• wastewater treatment

Also carbon is used in metallurgy, chemical, light and textile industry, paint production to capture solvent vapors with a boiling point below 60 ° C (methanol, methylene chloride, acetone, etc.). Packaging 5 kg Price per pack 150 UAH. Delivery by any carrier. There are only 35 packages.