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Iron sulfate

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The use of ferrous sulfate (iron sulfate)

Iron sulphate is used in the enrichment mnogoserach coal in industry (as a medium), the extraction of useful components from ores.

- Used in the manufacture of insulating materials:
Iron sulphate is used as a raw material for obtaining ferrone and ferry plaster (a mixture of hydrates of iron oxides and gypsum with filler). This material suitable for thermal insulation of chemical apparatus.

Iron sulphate is used in the manufacture of building boards.

Iron sulphate is used in the production of iron-Nickel batteries.

- The use of iron sulphate in agriculture:
Iron sulfate is used to control pests of gardens and slugs, destruction of mosses and lichens, fungal spores (iron sulfate in sadovodstve).
Iron sulphate is used for plant nutrition as a catalyst in the formation of chlorophyll (green vitriol in horticulture).
By iron deficiency plants develop chlorosis and the leaves lose their green color. In addition, iron is a member of many oxidative enzymes and plays an important role in the respiration of plants (iron sulfate in horticulture).
Iron sulphate is used for chemical soil improvement (iron sulfate in horticulture).

Iron sulphate is used in the treatment of industrial and sewage from chromium and cyanide salts.

Iron sulphate is used in the preparation of mineral paints (Prussian blue), making ink, dyeing wool in the textile industry(as mordant, tanning of hides (leather industry).