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The hardener PEPA (polyamine)

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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Donetsk

Hardener polyethylenepolyamine (Pepa) is suitable for curing epoxy resins at room and low temperatures, in conditions of high humidity.

The main characteristics of the hardener PEPA:

Appearance - liquid from light yellow to dark brown in colour, without mechanical impurities. Allowed greenish coloration.

Mass fraction of total nitrogen in the hardener PEPA, %, not less than - 30.
The presence of chloride ion is absent.
Mass fraction of mineral impurities in the hardener PEPA, % not more than 0,2.
Mass fraction fraction distills at a residual pressure of 1.3 kPa temperature range:
to C, %, not more than - 1,
up to 2000C, % - 23.
Mass fraction of still bottoms in the hardener PEPA, boiling at a temperature of 200 0C%, within - 65-75.
Mass fraction of the tertiary amino groups in the hardener PEPA, %, within - 5-9.
Nitrogen content, titratable acid, %, within - 19,5-22,0.
Mass fraction of water, %, not more than 2.
Curing ability hardener PEPA, including not more than 1,5.