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Kalindi (Nigel, Chernushka, Sedona, Black Cumin)

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The taste and aroma of kalindi remind and pepper, strawberry and nutmeg at the same time - in the food kalindi add mainly as pepper.
Black cumin seeds (Nigella) give, spice and sharpness not only meat (usually lamb) or fish dishes, but enhance the flavor of vegetarian vegetable dishes. They are used as a seasoning for dishes of beans, add in the bread and pastries, flavored jellies, mousses and ice cream, put in the batter, dip where the products before frying in deep fat, include a variety of chutneys and masala. Indian cooks usually roasted seeds in mustard oil as their aroma and taste noticeably better.
In the Middle East (especially in Turkey) nigellas sprinkle baking products, as the poppy seed. But, for example, cooks Sardinia believe that Nigella gives a special taste to the sardine - fish, from which came the name of their island home. Known Chernushka (Nigella) and in Central Asia, where its seeds are called "sedan".
In Kyrgyzstan Nigella flavored scones and tea, in Uzbekistan - cold soup with colostrum, in Russia its seeds once used when pickling cabbage, pickling cucumbers and watermelons, as well as added in cakes.
Nigella, Nigella is used as a spice when pickling cucumbers, watermelons, cabbage, and also to flavor pastries, breads, pretzels, etc.