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Safflower (American saffron, wild saffron Thistle dye)

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Safflower (American saffron, wild saffron Thistle dye).

Orange stigmas.
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The use of safflower in cooking is very diverse. It can replace expensive SAFFRON, but you can get oil and food dyes.
Safflower is interesting for two reasons. First, from the petals of the plants you can get food colors - saffron, red and yellow. And secondly, safflower, you can get the oil. I must say that this oil not only has the highest amount of saturated fatty acids, but also a very high smoke point, which is very convenient for cooking in deep fat.
It should also be noted that safflower oil is perfect for cold starters and salads, because it does not freeze even at low temperature. The oil is transparent and almost no taste, but still has an interesting floral aroma. Interestingly, the oil from the safflower is not composed of vitamin E, but this does not make it less nutritious, because there are enough other nutrients. If you have heart problems, or you want to avoid them in the future, you can help it safflower oil.
If tea is to add a few flowers of the safflower, it will not only make the drink a nice orange color, but also give excellent floral fragrance. Safflower blends with a variety of floral teas.
It is interesting to know that safflower is often replaced saffron, this is especially true for Eastern cooking. We have a very long time spice called saffron and used along with the latter.