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Agar endo dry

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The environment is intended for the isolation of enterobacteria from drinking water, wastewater, food products. Has differentiating weak and selective properties.The selectivity of the medium is determined by the presence of sodium sulphite and basic fuchsin, which inhibit the growth of gram-positive microorganisms.

Agar Endo - Subselection differential-diagnostic medium for the isolation of enterobacteria. Wednesday Endo refers to a dense medium for isolation of pure cultures. Ready Wednesday transparent and has a pale pink color.

The principle of operation

The main reagent, important for differentiation is the primary Magenta, discolored in the environment when adding sodium sulfite (Na2SO3). Moreover, the presence in the environment of these chemicals has an inhibitory effect on gram-positive microflora.

Bacteria are able to ferment lactose, alter the pH in the acidic side due to the formation of the final product of the cleavage - acetylaldehyde. The latter reacts with sodium sulfite, contributes to the appearance of the red staining. Therefore ectoparasiticide bacteria grow in a bright pink and red colonies, often with a metallic greenish sheen.

Colonies of bacteria, fermented lactose, colorless or slaveocracy.

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