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Aluminum powder A1

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The use of aluminum powder in various industries.
1. The paint industry.
The paint industry is the main consumer of chemical products such as aluminum powder. Aluminum powder is used as a coloring and protective pigment that is added to the composition of paints, enamels and varnishes, thereby betraying the paint silver hue, and protecting them from vozdeistviyami environment. Aluminum powder is widely used as filler in plastics based on resins and is added to the plastic, the rubber composition, etc.
2. Building industry.
Aluminum powder is used in the construction industry as a blowing agent in the production of cellular concrete. The widespread use of cellular concrete due to their ease, high thermal and sound insulation capacity with good strength.
3. Ceramics.
Aluminum powder is used in the manufacture of ceramic parts to reduce wear of molds (wrapping pellet press powder particles of the powder).
Aluminum particles in the powder have a lamellar shape and covered with a thin oxide and fatty film. Powder is lagomarsino product silvery-gray color, not containing visible to the naked eye foreign bodies. The bulk density of the powder is about 0.15-0.30 g/cm3, the content of active aluminum - 85-93%. The average thickness of the petals approximately 0.25-0.50 μm, and the average linear size of 20-30 microns. The bulk density of the powder, the content of active aluminum and the average particle size is not regulated.