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Sell aqueous Ammonia (ammonia water)

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  is called a solution of ammonia in water. Aqua ammonia is a transparent liquid (sometimes with a yellowish tinge), which has a strong odor of ammonia. This solution is also known as ammonia water.

Chemical properties of ammonia

Ammonia is a highly reactive compound. Due to the presence not shared electron pair of the N atom is particularly characteristic and easily implementable for ammonia reaction of joining.

Due to the presence of not shared electron pairs in many reactions, the ammonia acts as a base Bronsted or complexing agents.

The use of aqueous ammonia

in the chemical industry, to produce nitrogen fertilizer, such as nitrate and ammonium sulphate and urea. In addition, it will be used for production of nitric acid, sodium carbonate and polymers, as well as to obtain explosives and other products of the chemical industry. Being a weak base, ammonia water in the interaction with the acid neutralizes them. Aqua ammonia is widely used as a solvent and as a refrigerant (R717) in refrigeration.

Also a 10% solution of ammonia water, known as ammonia is used in medicine,in agriculture as fertilizer, animal husbandry for ammonization feed. Also, water of ammonia used as a refrigerant in refrigeration.