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Sell Litharge of lead (lead oxide)

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:40 UAH
Seller:Viktoriya Viktoriya
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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Donetsk
Litharge of lead (lead oxide, lead monoxide, technical lead oxide)
Litharge wincopyrectangle a red or various shades of yellow crystals, sparingly soluble in water and ethanol. This binary inorganic metal compound of lead and oxygen.
The use of litharge of lead (lead oxide):
In the glass industry is in the manufacture of lead crystal, glass, including vacuum, electroceramic.
In the radio industry.
In the manufacture of electrical products and batteries.
In the rubber industry.
In the production of driers, yellow lead and lead-molybdate crons, polyvinyl chloride stabilizers.
In the paint industry as anticorrosive pigment, component caulking, mixtures for sealing.
The price of 40 g/kg. shipping.