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100% Arabica from Brazil Santos elite varieties of South America sarnak

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Brasile Santos Café Arabica 100%


    High quality grain varieties of Arabicagrown at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level, collected and sorted manually. In Brazil grows more than half of all coffee in the world. Unique natural conditions make it possible to harvest each year and carefully to monitor the quality of coffee. Feature Brazil Santos in that it is not coffee from specific plantations, and a mixture of varieties from all over Brazil, ideally selected one-to-one, to achieve a certain taste. This sort the world standard for quality coffee and is used as a criterion in the evaluation of other varieties of coffee on the new York stock exchange Arabica Brazil Santos - world standard coffee

In Brazil they say: "If you haven't tried Santos, then this coffee is not drunk". Of all the magnificent Brazilian varieties Arabica Brazil Santos is considered the most well-known and glorified. From coffee gates of the Brazilian port of Santos, which gave the name to a better grade country, every year tons of coffee beans are sent straight to caring hands of lovers of strong drink.

What's so revered Arabica Brazil Santos? First, the size of coffee beans and their outlines are on the coffee market the "gold standard" by which appreciate this quality in other varieties. Secondly, Arabica Brazil Santos amazing, very balanced taste and aroma, which have long been recognized as the best tasters of the world as a real coffee classics.

The extract content of Arabica Brazil Santos, i.e., the density the dry matter content of the drink is magnificent, the saturation - full, delicious, sour, mild, does not cause irritation. In the taste is sweet caramel colours good distinct nutty nuances and the lightest shades of spices, which underline barely gorchow the tartness of the drink.

Long after tasting Arabica Brazil Santos mouth feel Orekhovo-wine aftertaste, tender and painful, soft and soulful, after which you want again and again to try this amazing coffee variety.

Traditions of cooking and consumption:
1. Morning - coffee with milk in the ratio 1:1 + a large spoonful of sugar
2. Coffee "PRETO" (cafe preto): small Cup almost full fill sugar, pour a strong black coffee and just "drink" thick syrupy consistency.

3. Also to make this coffee, you can use a French press, Turku or the drip coffee maker type. Ideal for Americano and espresso.

It is good to add as a component of coffee blends.

Sold in a metalized packaging 1 kg.
Also available in powder, 0.5 kg and 0.25 kg

The origin of the grain: Brazil

Direct deliveries from European importers.

valid until: 2014

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