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Silica gel XCG, IBCS

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Address:Russian Federation, Nizhegorodskaya Oblast', Nizhny Novgorod

Silica gel is dried silicic acid gel. Silicagel has a porous structure and highly developed internal surface. Externally silica gel is a vitreous or matte oval or spherical grains.

The proposed You silica gel domestic production:

  • IBC - large silica gel fine granular;
  • XCG - large silica gel macroporous granulated.

According to GOST 3956-76 silica gels distinguish:

 form grains (granulated or lump);

 on the grain size (major and minor);

 on the pore sizes (large-pore and small pore).

 There is a four-letter designation of silica gel according to GOST 3956-76.

 1st letter characterizes the size of the granules (K - major, M = minor, But - activated, sh - charge);

 2nd letter is always With (silica gel);

 3 letter pore size (large-pore, M - microporous);

 4-I the letter shape of the particles (G - granular, lump).

Main the field of application of silica gels is based on the absorption properties of silica gel-water and water vapor:

  • the drying air, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine and other industrial gases;
  • dehydration of various liquids, especially if being dehydrated liquid dissolves poorly water;
  • the use of silicagel as a dehumidifier for protection against corrosion of equipment (for example, when conservation equipment).

· In addition to water silica gels well absorb a pair of many organic substances. Because of this silica gel used for trapping (recovery) of steams of gasoline, benzene, ether, acetone etc., from the air, benzene, coke oven gas and gasoline from natural gases.

· Property of silica gel to absorb many substances from the liquid phase used in industrial cleaning oils, the desulfurization of petroleum shoulder straps and remove from oil resinous polymer substances.

Silica gel fire and explosion, the degree of impact on an organism refers to substances of the 3rd class of hazard (low hazard).

Technical silica gel apatowian in polypropylene bags with polyethylene liners:

  • IBC - 30 kg;
  • XCG - 25 kg.

· The silica gelcan be transported by any means of transport in compliance with the rules for these species.

· The organization of delivery of silica gel provides pickup, delivery of silica gel vehicles, sending shipping companies, railway transport (containers, cars)

Technical silica gel is stored in a dry, closed rooms in the original package.

Warranty period of storage silica gel for 1 year from the date of manufacture.