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Roundup, reglan, glavovic, the desiccant will sell.

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Company:ChP Agro
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Roundup, reglan, glavovic, the desiccant will sell. so 066.281-42-43, so 098.448-29-88.
to combat this weed in early spring;
the fight against couch grass before sowing beet, corn, sunflower, soybean, cabbage and to the emergence of potatoes;
fighting wild oats before sowing spring crops and the destruction of windfall;
the preparation of the fields in the re-sowing of winter crops;
To facilitate and accelerate the cleaning.
Reduction of losses during combine harvesting in 2-3 times.
Improving quality by reducing humidity and contamination of grain. Clearing fields from perennial weeds for subsequent culture.
Saving fuel and lubricants.
provides fast and uniform ripening, allowing you to clean the optimum time in all weather conditions
the high speed of desiatov, allows you to start harvesting in 5-7 days after treatment
reduces the moisture content of the seeds, resulting in reduced drying
reduces loss of seeds during harvesting
helps to increase crop yields, improve the quality of seeds and preservation of oil
not washed off by rain after 10 minutes after treatment
makes cleaning easier, because along with cultural dries plants and weeds
helps reduce the cost of cleaning
helps stop the growth and spread of diseases (white and grey rot of sunflower, potato blight, and many others)